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              About OHPI and Online Hate

              • New Zealand Terrorist Attack

                Analysis of the March 2019 Terrorist attack in New Zealand

              • Bourke Street 2018
              •  Car Attack in Flinders Street Melbourne

                Social Media Response to the 21 December 2017 Car Attack in Flinders Street Melbourne

              • Marriage Equality Postal Survey and Online Hate
              • OHPI releases report on the state of antisemitism on social media
              • OHPI presentation at the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) conference on hate speech
              • Aboriginal Memes

                The Online Hate Prevention Institute has released a ground breaking report into Online Hate against Aboriginal people in Australian

              • The Facebook bullying of a child

                The Facebook bullying of a child

              • Anti-Muslim Hate

                The first major report into the alarming growth of anti-Muslim hate on Facebook.

              Making online hate as unacceptable as real world hate

              The Online Hate Prevention Institute is an independent Australian charity. We reduce the risk of harm to individuals resulting from online content. We play a leading global role combating the spread of many types of hate through the internet.

              If you support what we do, please join us on Facebook at facebook.com/onlinehate to help take action when needed and sign up for our monthly update over e-mail.

              Types of hate the Online Hate Prevention Institute has examined:

              Racism, Antisemitism (hate against Jews), Anti-Muslim hate, Racism against Indigenous Australians, Hate directed against the ANZACs and military veterans, Serious Trolling, Cyberbullying (persistent and personal online attacks) and Griefing (including the creation of malicious content focusing on people who have died), Misogyny (aggression against women), and Homophobia (hate against people who are gay, lesbian or bisexual)

              We also tackle the use of social media by violent extremists, and Social Media Policies; regarding companies' responsibilities towards society, governments and the law. You can read more about the impact of our research.

              The Online Hate Prevention Institute is a Charitable Institute and Incorporated as an Australian Public Company. ABN: 65 155 287 657 • Copyright OHPI © 2012 •
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